Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My day at the 2012 Woodstock FIlm Festival.

Had a lovely day at the Woodstock Film Festival. I missed out on attending film screenings because I was at the NJRWA Conference however I didn’t miss out on the Actors Dialogue Panel.

As a writer I think it’s interesting to hear actors talk about their craft. After all they are interpreting the written word.

Every year the panel is moderated by Martha Frankel and this year’s panel of actors included Golden Globe winner, Sally Kirkland who said she listens for the music of the language.

When asked how to stay focused on a character during breaks in filming or waiting for an audition, Sally recommends (and I’m paraphrasing here) listening to a Walkman with music that relates to your character. Find something that will open your heart. 

I love that advice. Some writers have playlists for different book that they listen to while writing. I listen to classical music to help me stay focused and tune out distractions.

Also, attending were John Pankow of Mad About You fame and Brian Geraghty from Jarhead and The Hurt Locker.

Side Note 1:  My sister and I stopped at Peace, Love, and Cupcakes and purchased the Food Network Winning Cupcake! Yummo!

Side Note 2:  Witnessed firemen playing with their hoses. Really. Several fighters from the Summitville Firehouse were washing fire trucks when – I SWEAR – they started spraying water at each other. Too bad they weren’t shirtless….  

Monday, October 8, 2012

"The best proof of love is trust." Dr. Joyce Brothers

The next in my Quotes by Famous Women series is Dr. Joyce Brothers who, if you are not as old as me to know, is a famous psychologist, columnist, and author, appearing on many TV shows.

"Marriage is not just spiritual communion and passionate embraces; marriage is also three meals a day, sharing the workload and remembering to carry out the trash”  Dr Joyce Brothers.

“Don’t fool yourself that you are going to have it all. You are not.
Psychologically, having it all is not even a valid concept. The
marvelous thing about human beings is that we are perpetually reaching
for the stars. The more we have, the more we want. And for this
reason, we never have it all.” Dr Joyce Brothers

“Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.” Dr Joyce Brothers

“No matter how love-sick a woman is, she shouldn't take the first pill that comes along.” Dr Joyce Brothers

She is also had a sense of humor - check out the video below...