Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

Writing Status Update: I'm almost 3,000 words into Kiss Shot ("Fantasy" Football - Season 3) and while I'm very please with the start I have to say its slow going. I'm the slowest writer on the planet. It's not so much that I don't have the time to write but on my best day - and I mean all day long - I wrote 1,000 words. This is discouraging.

As I write this I'm reminded that in the past I would skip to a scene later in the book if I was having trouble with a current chapter. This is what I must do now.

I'm hoping to complete Kiss Shot by the end of June and have an August release date. If you haven't seen it yet here is the cover! I have it posted above my desk to keep me motivated.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The inspiration behind my hero Grady O'Flynn.

When I begin a story I usually have a celebrity in mind for my hero.
Playing For Keeps = a mashup of Hugh Jackman and Kevin Nash
Going For It = Vin Diesel
Love By Design = Josh Holloway (of Lost fame)

About the time I was thinking of writing a sexy short titled Real Men Don't Drink Appletinis, there was a TV show on the air called Stars Earn Stripes. Celebrities were paired up with a military/police personnel and competed in training missions.

I immediately fell in love with Grady Powell, a former Green Beret who was paired up with WWE wrestler Eva Torres.

And thus Grady O'Flynn was born. I couldn't help but keep his first name and I made him a Navy SEAL.

Here is a little snippet from Real Men Don't Drink Appletinis
Navy SEAL Grady O’Flynn wasn’t often knocked back on his heels but the bombshell in front of him knocked him back and rocked his world. She reminded him of a movie starlet from the Forties. All curves and all sass. And those baby blues? Man, they nearly had him babbling like an infant.     
“So what do you do for a living?”
Amused by her obvious deflection, he’d decided to let his question go unanswered since he couldn’t be an open book either. He didn’t want to lie but he couldn’t reveal who he was or why he was in New York City. “I’m on extended leave.”
“What does that mean?”
“I’m between assignments.” He took a sip of scotch.
“Am I going to have to waterboard you for information?”
Grady nearly spit out his drink but recovered quickly with, “There are far more pleasurable ways to get information.”
God, he loved the way her ruby lips formed an O. He wouldn’t take the thought a step further and fantasize about what that mouth could do to him. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Release Day for Real Men Don't Drink Appletinis!

Today is release day! Real Men Don't Drink Appletinis is a sexy short (novelette). I'll be donating 50% of my proceeds to the Wounded Warriors Project. There is a page on my blog that I will update every quarter with the donation.

Here is blurb for the story:

Hollywood’s handsomest men surround celebrity agent Ava Gardner but none are as intriguing as larger-than-life Grady O’Flynn. The Navy SEAL is on an unsanctioned mission when they end up starring in their own romantic comedy. 
Will they continue to sizzle when Grady has to report back to duty? 

Buy link for Kindle  only .99cents!
Buy link for NOOK  only .99cents!
Here is an excerpt:
Ava slipped from the stool and slid next to her target. “You know this is a martini bar?” She held up her empty glass. Despite the number of people waiting for drinks, he only had to nod at the bartender to order her a refill.
His gaze then captured hers. “I’m a rebel.”
Ethereal green. That was the only way to describe his eyes. Almost lost in the depth of his stare she forced herself to speak. “So you’re looking for a girl who can belt back a scotch?”
A smile appeared on his face. “That would be asking too much. I’d settle for a girl who liked a cold beer.”
 Still smiling he shook his head. “High maintenance.”
“You came to the wrong place then.”
He handed her the drink and said, “From where I’m standing I’m in exactly the right place.”