Friday, April 27, 2012

Housekeeping ain't no joke. Louisa May Alcott

Have some housekeeping to do! So here it is:

My blog tour is fast approaching! My first stop is Monday! Click on the link for details.

CLP Blog Tours: Love by Design by Liz Matis: Design Intervention starts the second season with its own surprise makeover. Interior designer Victoria Bryce must break in her temporar...

I other news I started my fan page on Facebook. I'm still learning how to use this but check it out and maybe even Like me?  Here is the link Liz Matis Fan Page

Also, I changed my Twitter account to @LizMatis instead of @taoofliz.  I think this will bring to my Twitter page..  Twitter - @LizMatis

If you read Playing For Keeps you've been waiting for Going For It to be out the end of April. I've had to re-work a couple of scenes and finish up. I know BAD, BAD author. Believe me I feel just awful. I hope to have it out by the end of May - at the latest beginning of June. Again I'm so sorry.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Age is about life span, about the journey we take. Julianne Moore

Another post to add to my Quotes by Famous Women series:

Julianne Moore has been in a gazillion films. Here are some quotes from this multi-talented actress who is also a author of the children's book series Freckleface Strawberry:

I'm looking for the truth. The audience doesn't come to see you, they come to see themselves.
 Julianne Moore  ( side note: so true with writing too!)

You never have sex the way people do in the movies. You don`t do it on the floor, you don`t do it standing up, you don`t always have all your clothes off, you don`t happen to have on all the sexy lingerie. You know, if anybody ever ripped my clothes, I`d kill them. Julianne Moore

It gets back to the narrative: You have to be where you are in your story and enjoy it for what it is. Julianne Moore

Have a favorite Julianne Moore movie? Mine is Children of Men.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Love is a voyage my infinitive woman' Juan M. Frisanccio Muñoz

So begins the poem by Juan M. Frisanccio Munoz, who allowed me to include his poem in the beginning of my romance novel, Love By Design. I'm so please to present this interview with Juan.

Me: What types of poems do you find yourself drawn to writing?
Juan: Poems about love. Love is one of the most beautiful sensations you can have. Sometimes I write about what I've experienced and other times about what I wish to happen. When I'm writing I'm calling out to that person.

Me: I love that! You moved to the United States from Peru several years ago - why?
Juan: To challenge myself. I felt I reached my potential there. Coming here I had to start all over. I didn't even speak English.

Me: What are you reading now?
Juan: Lots of theology books in preparation for a future novel project. Also, Ruben Dario, William Shakespeare and a lot of blog surfing.

Me: Do you have a favorite poet?
Juan: Pablo Neruda.

Me: What inspires you?
Juan: Love. Also, I'm inspired by people who've been told they can't do something and then despite the odds do it anyway.

Me: You're also a dancer. Is there any correlation to the way you express yourself through dance versus poetry?
Juan: I use my body to express my feelings through dance and with poetry I channel my feelings into words. Both are about conveying a feeling.

Me: What are you working on now?
Juan: I'm building characters and creating a world for a novel. I've been working on starting a dance company. I love to create.

Me: Thanks Juan!

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Here is the poem Juan shared in my book, Love By Design. Please leave a comment - I'll make sure he gets them!

Love is a voyage my infinitive woman
Fusion of two bodies blasted in our delectable passions
Your look is mine, my love
Your lips are my lips
Your breath, your heartbeats, all is mine
You are my love
My fingers trail your naked flesh, a thin stardust line,
Delicate pure and with goddess dew
Unflawed body of petals and honey
Then a kiss
Nothing persist but the wind
Nothing persist but our midnight moans
Nothing persist, only air and water, moonlight and whispers
Labyrinth of shadowy hands
Burning skins
Burning in our own blood
Penetrating each other’s veins

Juan M. Frisanccio Muñoz

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What happens after the happy ever after?

No spoiler alert here since Love By Design is a romance and all romances have or should have a happy ever after but what happens after The End?

Wondering what’s going on between Russ and Victoria? To recap Victoria and Russ are co-hosts of Design Intervention.

Here is a quick conversation between the two:

Russ: So now that I’m living here do I get a say on the décor.

Victoria: (Silence)

Russ: Well?

Victoria: My - I mean - our place looks nice as it is.

Russ throws a lacy mauve pillow at her.

Victoria: Oh-okay, I guess we can switch out a couple of things.

Russ: Good, let’s start with a TV.

Victoria: Oh, no! They are hideous! A design disaster!

Russ: Come on. I’ll build one of those wall cabinets that will completely hide it.

Victoria:  Hmmm, will you be doing this shirtless?

Russ: That’s my uniform.

Victoria: And could we play hunky contractor and naughty housewife who can’t pay the bill?

Russ; Ab-so-bloody-lutely.

Victoria: I guess I could work in a  32” flat screen. 

Russ: Cupcake, you know bigger is better.

Victoria: True, I do. 36” then.

Russ agreed know measuring wasn’t Victoria’s forte – she’d never know if he snuck in a 42”.

So what you think? And do you wonder what happens after the hero and heroine get their happy ever after?