Saturday, January 31, 2009

"The only place I get hurt is out there. The world don't give a shit about me." The Ram

Mickey Rourke plays Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in the film The Wrestler. He lives up to the hype you've been hearing. The story is touching and heartwretching. Again a film I wouldn't normally see (I like happy, action packed films), but I made a promise to myself that I would try to see as many Oscar nominated performances as I could.

At first it was so I could enjoy the Oscars and know what was what, but I've realized today that these performance are inspiring me to write - to dig down emotionally the way these fine actors and actresses are doing - except on paper.

There is one stories will always have a happy ever after.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail." Rhett Butler to Scarlett

Can't help but think that the executives from AIG, Citibank, Leheman Brothers, ect, have a streak of Scarlett O'Hara in them. A streak a mile wide.

I have nothing against people making a load of cash - no problem at all - but when your company is failing while you were at the helm, when people are getting laid off, and taxpayers are footing the bill through bailouts, unemployment, and the market downturn then a $50,000,000 jet seems well excessive. Hell, flying 1st class is excessive.

While these executives are not technically 'criminals' and are not going to jail, they are morally bankrupt. Capitalism does work and the gov't should get out of the way and let these companies fail if that's what they drove it to and are continuing to do even after they get MY money. Then maybe, just maybe, it won't happen again.

Scarlett is one of the most memorable characters in fiction, but has no place in the real world.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"The longest journey begins with a single step, not with a turn of the ignition key." Edward Abbey

I beg to differ with the quote above. At least when it comes to my writing that is. Some of my best ideas come when I'm driving alone. I keep a mini-recorder with me with for these golden nuggets of insight (lol). Of course, despite my Blackberry, blog, and facebook page I'm quite a techno dumbo so I inadvertently lose some of these recordings. I mean do I really need 2 different file folders then more files under each of them. I think not. I'm going to try out my Blackberry's recorder and hopefully I'll have better luck.

As I was driving home from my Saturday ritual trip to Walmart I came up with the next 2 lines to what I posted the other day. Here it is...

Of course, he would never claim to understand their minds. A Nobel Peace Prize would be awarded to the man whoever did.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love By Design

I've been slowly working on Chapter 1 and I thought I'd share a sentence or two. Russ Rowland is the hero. He's from Australia and a bit of a alpha-male...okay he's a big hunk of alpha male.

And she did want him. The way that sea blue gaze swept his body, the blush that tinged her luminous cheeks, and the curve of her mouth were all tell tale signs. Russ considered himself an expert on female body language. His favorite subject since puberty.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

You never would have believed it if it were in a book.

Miracle on the Hudson. Such happy endings usually appear in books or movie and rarely in the real world.

If I had seen it in a movie or read it in a book I would've been "Yeah, right."
Here is an erie photo of what could've been a watery grave.
Miracles do happen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I have no use for bodyguards, but I have very specific use for two highly trained certified public accountants." Elvis

I would have loved to be Elvis's accountant!!!!

I've been busy at my day job with year-end closing and beginning of the year set-up. Add in setting up rates for a new accounting system going live in a couple of months means more bean counting than word counting.

I should really write a story about a forensic accountant working for the FBI who is investigating the mob or a terroist group. Mmmmmm.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Google Thyself - PART 2

I was quite giddy when I did a recent google search on my name and found that my article Unleash the Power of Your I-Pod that was originally published by my HVRWA chapter newsletter was picked up by The Galleon, the newsletter for the Ancient City Romance Authors.

My article is on page 9. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Character is like a root of the tree. Stronger the root, stronger the tree." Author Unknown.

The is true in a person but also true in fiction, in the sense that your characters must be memorable to make your story unforgettable.
Instead of thinking about the big ‘idea’ or high ‘concept - it’s your characters readers will remember.
Remember Scout Finch, Heathcliff, Dirk Pitt, Jack Ryan, Mr. Darcy, or Scarlett O’Hara? I do -even though I forget where my keys are.

How do you make them memorable? Make them likable but give them flaws, give them doubts. Put obstacles in their way to help them grow. Like the statement says below my blog name, Offer a Life, not a text. Invite the reader into the lives of your characters.
I plan a little one on one time with Victoria, then with Russ. Only then can I throw them together. I tried to just start Love By Design but I don’t know Victoria Turner and Russ Rowland near as well as I know Samantha James and Ryan Terell from Playing For Keeps (I wonder if they have kids yet - yes this is how real they are to me - still living outside my story).
So I say...

The more memorable the character, the more memorable the story.

You can quote me on that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Each kiss a heart-quake... ~Lord Byron, Don Juan

Anyone who knows me knows I love to read kissing scenes. I like to write them too - especially the first kiss - even won a contest for one of those scenes!

I also like movie kisses - especially when they involve Keanu Reeves. When I went to see the Lake House I swear I almost yelled out 'just kiss her already!'

I stumbled across this on youtube. It's kissing scenes for various Keanu Reeves movie set to the 70's song 'Wanna Kiss You All Over' The only thing that's missing is me as his leading lady (sigh) - you know because I would get a pass on being married. Anyway - here is the link - Enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

" I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path." Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama says that one should keep expections on a even keel. Too high expectations and you are bound to experience disappointment. Too low expectations will lead to a feeling of despair. I do try to live this way and it seems to work for me. That is what I looking forward to in 2009:

Book: The English release of The Angel's Game by Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It's a prequel to one of my favorite books The Shadow of the Wind. (May 2009)

Music: Bruce Springsteen new CD - Working on a Dream - (1/27/09)

Movies: Revolutionary Road & Inkheart (1/23/09) Star Trek (5/8/09) Terminator Salvation (5/22/09) Land of the Lost (6/5/09) - yes - based on the 70's series and Will Ferell is in it.

Destination: A couple of days in Pt. Pleasant, NJ & Cooperstown

Other: Enjoying my husband. To my son coming home on vacations. Enjoy the new union contract and the inflow of some extra cash - which means new carpet, tv, and maybe some living room furniture. Many ice coffee's with writing friends at Borders, and the news that I will be published (using Law of Attraction here).

Peace on Earth would be nice too but as the Dalai Lama says one shouldn't have high expectations.

What are you looking forward to in 2009?