Saturday, January 3, 2009

Each kiss a heart-quake... ~Lord Byron, Don Juan

Anyone who knows me knows I love to read kissing scenes. I like to write them too - especially the first kiss - even won a contest for one of those scenes!

I also like movie kisses - especially when they involve Keanu Reeves. When I went to see the Lake House I swear I almost yelled out 'just kiss her already!'

I stumbled across this on youtube. It's kissing scenes for various Keanu Reeves movie set to the 70's song 'Wanna Kiss You All Over' The only thing that's missing is me as his leading lady (sigh) - you know because I would get a pass on being married. Anyway - here is the link - Enjoy!


  1. I've had trouble writing love scenes in the past. I'm always afraid of making them too cheesy. I have a big scene in my current novel, so I hope I can achieve the right balance with it.

  2. To prevent them from being cheesy let it develop from who the character are. Show their emotions and not just the "act". Don't be afraid to add humour if called for.