Sunday, August 31, 2008

Re-Living One's Youth

Re-living one's youth can...well...make you feel your years.
Last night I went to Bethel-Woods ( an awesome concert venue in the next field over from the original Woodstock site) to see Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick.
First, let me say Cheap Trick was fun, Ann Wilson of Heart still sounds amazing, and the new lead singer of Journey (who they found on You-Tube) fits in great.
That said...the walk from the parking lot to the your seats had me catching my breath. My husband and I made the decision to leave half way through Journey to beat the (literally hours) of traffic out of the remote site. Then the long walk back - though I'm proud to say we remembered where we parked!
This morning I'm feeling it. Lucky for me it's going to be a nice day - my hammock is calling me.

Friday, August 29, 2008

To Epilogue or Not Epilogue - that is the question

I'm almost done. Got some good stuff down for Chapter 12, but I'm going to revisit it on Saturday to make sure it's golden. Afterall, it is also the final chapter. Yeah!
My synopsis is being looked at by top people. (my critique group)

Then there is the question of the epilogue. I'm pretty much set on putting one in. Not only do we see the two main characters happy (hey, its a romance, of course there is a HEA), but it will answer the question of what happens to my two secondary characters, and possibly lead to a sequel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Burning Out

My mind's been in a whirlwind since I posted my goal to get my manuscript in the mail by September 2. And I'm a little burnt out.
I really don't want to lose the momentum I've built up. So what to do? Chapter 11 should be done tonight but instead of moving on to Chapter 12 on Thursday, I will complete my synopsis and cover letter - just to mix it up. Then I took off on Friday from my day job to work on Chapter 12.
One thing I've decided not to rush is the final review. This is where I comb thru the manuscript to find any missing words (which my critique partners will tell you I'm famous for) or misused words ( I swear I know the difference between your and you're).
If I'm feeling brave, I'll post my synopsis on Friday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday - Review Day

Sunday is the perfect day to review the mini-goals you've set for yourself on the way to your big goal. Also, by Sunday you should have a pretty good idea of your schedule for the coming week.

So how did I do? By the end of the day I will be a chapter behind. Am I upset? Not really. Revising a book is the direct opposite of a first draft. In a first draft you're looking to 'get it down'. In revision it's quality over quantity.

Did I run into glitches? Yes, but not due to lack of time or focus. This week I put in major hours in to the revisions. Working on it during my lunch hour, every night from 7-12, and then tossing and turning in bed because my story was running around in my head. Whole sections needed to be deleted and a new scene added.

I'm am happy with the results. Playing For Keeps is becoming a stronger book and I'm more motivated than ever to complete it.

Did I adjust my September 2 deadline? No. I'll adjust the schedule for this week. For example - on Wednesday I had given myself a day for a breather - not happenning. My synopsis and cover letter can be done on the same day.

And what about my weight loss goals? I gained a pound. Yep, I did. But I didn't follow my action steps. Maybe, as my sister suggested, they weren't specific enough.

As they say in the dieting world - I'll start Monday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Today my short story, which won Honorable Mention in a contest LASR held, will be posted for the universe to see. Please check in at the link below. If you are so inclined - leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goal Setting

I thought it appropriate for my first post to be about goal setting.

Why are goals important? Well, in 1979 Harvard Business School conducted a study of graduating students. They were ask, "Do you have set, clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomlish them? 3% had written goals and plans. 13% had goals, but were not written down. 84% had no goals at all.
Ten years later the members of the class were surveyed again. The 3% who had writtten goals with plans earned on an average 10x more than the other 97% put together.

So how do we set goals? Get a piece of paper.
Step 1 - Identify your goals and the timeframe for completion. Ask yourself, "What do I want?" "When?"
Step 2 - Identify your purpose. Ask yourself, "Why do I want it?" "What will it give me?"
Step 3 - Make a roadmap. "How will I reach my goal?" Use specific action steps.
Step 4 - Take some action toward your goal - right now.

For example, here are my goals:
Step 1: To have revisions/synopsis/cover letter of Playing for Keeps completed and in the mail by September 2, 2008.
Step 2: To have a completed manuscript out in the universe. This will give me a sense of accomplishment. This will also allow me to move on to my next project.
Step 3: Weekdays - 2 hours each night after work. Weekends - 6 hours. Even more specific... Today - Chapter 6 revisions, Tues. - Chapter 7, Thurs. and Fri. - Chapter 8, Sat. - chapters 9 and 10, Sun. 8/24 thru Tues. 8/26 Chapter 12, Wed. 8/27 - take a deep breath, Thurs. 8/28 -complete synopsis, and Fri. 8/29 - complete cover letter. Sun 8/31 - Mon. 9/1 - print everything out, double check pages, and compile, and Tues. 9/2 - go to Post Office and mail manuscript.
Step 4: As soon as I finish this post I will open up my Chapter 6 file and go to work.

Step 1: Lose 2o pounds by October 31, 2008.
Step 2: I feel better. Be heathier. Look better in my clothes.
Step 3: I will EAT TO LIVE not Live To Eat. Exercise to -Melt It Off- DVD. Keep track of what I eat and how much I exercise.
Step 4: I'm going for a walk. Mile and a half.

Doing step 4 of Goal B first, but my file for Chapter 6 will be open and ready to go when I walk through the door.