Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Love is a voyage my infinitive woman' Juan M. Frisanccio Muñoz

So begins the poem by Juan M. Frisanccio Munoz, who allowed me to include his poem in the beginning of my romance novel, Love By Design. I'm so please to present this interview with Juan.

Me: What types of poems do you find yourself drawn to writing?
Juan: Poems about love. Love is one of the most beautiful sensations you can have. Sometimes I write about what I've experienced and other times about what I wish to happen. When I'm writing I'm calling out to that person.

Me: I love that! You moved to the United States from Peru several years ago - why?
Juan: To challenge myself. I felt I reached my potential there. Coming here I had to start all over. I didn't even speak English.

Me: What are you reading now?
Juan: Lots of theology books in preparation for a future novel project. Also, Ruben Dario, William Shakespeare and a lot of blog surfing.

Me: Do you have a favorite poet?
Juan: Pablo Neruda.

Me: What inspires you?
Juan: Love. Also, I'm inspired by people who've been told they can't do something and then despite the odds do it anyway.

Me: You're also a dancer. Is there any correlation to the way you express yourself through dance versus poetry?
Juan: I use my body to express my feelings through dance and with poetry I channel my feelings into words. Both are about conveying a feeling.

Me: What are you working on now?
Juan: I'm building characters and creating a world for a novel. I've been working on starting a dance company. I love to create.

Me: Thanks Juan!

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Here is the poem Juan shared in my book, Love By Design. Please leave a comment - I'll make sure he gets them!

Love is a voyage my infinitive woman
Fusion of two bodies blasted in our delectable passions
Your look is mine, my love
Your lips are my lips
Your breath, your heartbeats, all is mine
You are my love
My fingers trail your naked flesh, a thin stardust line,
Delicate pure and with goddess dew
Unflawed body of petals and honey
Then a kiss
Nothing persist but the wind
Nothing persist but our midnight moans
Nothing persist, only air and water, moonlight and whispers
Labyrinth of shadowy hands
Burning skins
Burning in our own blood
Penetrating each other’s veins

Juan M. Frisanccio Muñoz


  1. Beautiful, Liz. Thanks for introducing the sensual poetry of your friend, Juan.

  2. Thanks Charmaine - Juan will be so please to hear it!

  3. what a inspiring interview hopefully with the responses you receive it will encourage him to write more!!

  4. Yes, Anonymous - let's hope so!

  5. Thanks for dropping by Karysa!

    So glad you found it as beautiful as I did.

  6. Great interview, Liz. Juan's story is inspiring. Coming to the states to challenge himself without knowing the language he would use in his art? Brilliant! I love his answer to what inspires him, too.
    "I'm inspired by people who've been told they can't do something and then despite the odds do it anyway."
    Juan embodies the American Dream, and his bravery and determination are an example to live by.
    Best of luck to you, Juan!

  7. @Greg - thanks! Juan is always worried about the translation of his poetry into English - word choice in poetry is so important.

  8. Thanks! Great interview! And what a challenge, to move to a different country, with a different language. Very inspiring.

  9. Love that poem. Beautiful.

    It's nice to meet the artist behind the creation and see what inspires him. Grat interview!

  10. Interesting interview and I'm wishing you great success in all your creative work.

  11. @Tamara @ Gianna @ Janet Thanks for stopping by! Juan will be so pleased by your comments and wishes!

  12. Beautiful poetry & great interview, Liz. I second what Greg said. :-)

  13. Thanks Rhonda and thanks for spreading the word.

  14. Hi Liz and juan! This is such a wonderful interview and the poem you had in the book was amazing! Neruda is one of my fave poets too - so rich in sensuality. I just love this post - good luck with your poetry...may I steal you in the future for a poem for my book????

  15. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.