Sunday, April 1, 2012

What happens after the happy ever after?

No spoiler alert here since Love By Design is a romance and all romances have or should have a happy ever after but what happens after The End?

Wondering what’s going on between Russ and Victoria? To recap Victoria and Russ are co-hosts of Design Intervention.

Here is a quick conversation between the two:

Russ: So now that I’m living here do I get a say on the d├ęcor.

Victoria: (Silence)

Russ: Well?

Victoria: My - I mean - our place looks nice as it is.

Russ throws a lacy mauve pillow at her.

Victoria: Oh-okay, I guess we can switch out a couple of things.

Russ: Good, let’s start with a TV.

Victoria: Oh, no! They are hideous! A design disaster!

Russ: Come on. I’ll build one of those wall cabinets that will completely hide it.

Victoria:  Hmmm, will you be doing this shirtless?

Russ: That’s my uniform.

Victoria: And could we play hunky contractor and naughty housewife who can’t pay the bill?

Russ; Ab-so-bloody-lutely.

Victoria: I guess I could work in a  32” flat screen. 

Russ: Cupcake, you know bigger is better.

Victoria: True, I do. 36” then.

Russ agreed know measuring wasn’t Victoria’s forte – she’d never know if he snuck in a 42”.

So what you think? And do you wonder what happens after the hero and heroine get their happy ever after?


  1. Great post. Yes, I always wonder. Very cute and humorous conversation. Maybe that is the key to making the happy ending last...a sense of humor.

  2. Thanks for stopping by sis!

  3. I often think of characters that I really like and wonder what they're up to. I figured I was just not normal. LOL Cool post! :-)

  4. Thanks Rhonda! Yes, we writers are a curious lot! lol

  5. Some books I just want to go on and on. Even with the happily ever after I'm sad to see them end...