Saturday, October 25, 2008

RWA Rocks

The NJRWA conference was alot of fun. But besides having fun, the conference only confirmed that RWA is not only the best writing organization around - its the best organization period. Belonging to RWA is like having your own personal cheerleaders, like getting a hug, like having a big extended family, and - I could go on and on. This is what it would be like if women RULED the world.
I enjoyed all the seminars, but the one where the lightbulbs started going off was Susan Meier's - Let Conflict Tell Your Story.
I pitched Love By Design to Susan Litman from Harlequin. She remembered me from last year and said Playing For Keeps is literally on her desk. So that is totally cool. Susan requested Love By Design but said to hold off sending it until a decision is made on Playing For Keeps. This works out great since LBD is not finished - however Meier's class has really given me a jump on where I need to take this story!

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