Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Dinosaurs....

No, not me. (even though my son accused me of being old when I complained about the new software at work)
I'm using my dinosaur of a laptop - 4 years old (yeah, I know but that is a dinosaur in computers years). I haven't used it in a while because at a certain point it wouldn't let me connect to the internet - most likely a virus. So when my other laptop got a deadly virus and the brand spankin' new on that I just brought back (it wasn't me - it had a bad driver) left me computerless - I sucked it up and tried using the recovery disk. It worked!!!
I ordered a Dell netbook from Sam's Club since this old clunky laptop is not mobile - unless your Hercules that is.

Wrote a brilliant funny scene for Love By Design - okay so it was more like a paragraph - but still.....

Hope the brilliance continues so I can be like Pete Townshend who said "It`s not the fact that I WAS brilliant, I AM brilliant."

Hey, I did get this dinosaur up and running.

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