Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Burnout is nature`s way of telling you, you`ve been going through the motions your soul has departed; you`re a zombie..." Sam Keen

20 days since my last post...yeah I'd say I have a little burnout regarding blogging. And you know how much I like zombies - so the above quote is perfect. Though I don't know whether it's really burn-out or hooray summer is here - so while I enjoy blogging - I have to take advantage of the short season we have here in the Catskills before the leaves start turning.

Only - I was involved in a car accident on Friday so no fun for me while I recover physically/mentally/emotionally.

Anyway - As I was home this weekend I came across an article in Woman's World Magazine - What does you favorite beach read say about you?

Romance: You are a rule-breaker: (in short) You are no fan of convention. You believe in the power of the heroine to make her own way in life! (hooray! Finally - someone gets it!)

Chick Lit: You're socialable
Thrillers: You're stress proof
Memoirs: You're ambitious
Mysteries: You're extra-intuitiv


  1. What if you like all of the above? Great quote to get the ball rolling again!

  2. Love the quote. I agree, summer is so exciting and short. My blog has fallen by the wayside also. Too much work and then too many vacations!

  3. Agree with Yo. What if you like them all though lately I've been reading fantasy which often contains all of the above. Hopw you recover from the car accident quickly.

  4. Hi Liz, I read the same article. Apparently , I am stress proof, Ha!

  5. Hi Liz!
    Hope you're recovering quickly. I was up to visit my sister in the Parksville area on Wed. Some crazy storms you had up there!