Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never face facts; if you do you'll never get up in the morning. Marlo Thomas

Though she's done wonderful things in her life, I will always remember her fondly as That Girl.
Here are some great quotes...

Nothing is either all masculine or all feminine except having sex.
Marlo Thomas

One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.
Marlo Thomas

We've been taught to believe that actions speak louder than words. But I think words speak pretty loud all of our lives; we carry these words in our head.
Marlo Thomas

Her famous father Danny Thomas told her....
"I raised you to be a thoroughbred. When thoroughbreds run they wear blinders to keep their eyes focused straight ahead with no distractions, no other horses. They hear the crowd but they don’t listen. They just run their own race. That’s what you have to do. Don’t listen to anyone comparing you to me or to anyone else. You just run your own race."

And run she has.


  1. OMG. THAT GIRL! Now there's a blast from the past. Used to kill me when she'd take the train to visit her parents in Brewster.

  2. Present day she's done wonderful work on behalf of St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. She's a class act.

  3. Really liked that show and also what she's doing these days