Wednesday, July 20, 2011

“The pen is not just a recording device; it can also be an instrument of discovery.” Billy Collins

Here are some random things from Poets & Writers Magazine

From a series of interviews with first fiction author:

With William Giraldi, author of Busy Monsters:
People sometimes ask me when I chose to be a writer and I say about the same time you chose to be a man, or a woman.

I remember wanting to be a young literary sensation, as so many do. There’s obscene pressure on writers to be the next hot young thing. As if literature were a modeling agency. But let’s be honest. Most hot young things have nothing of value to say, and how could they? They haven’t read enough. It took me twenty-five years of reading and twelve years of practice to produce a book worthy of being in the world.

And even though I am not I great fan of Twitter I found the article by Lauren Cerand How to Use Twitter to Connect with Readers interesting.
Such as…
Having them follow you back is not as important as being in the position to respond to a question or opportunity they might offer their followers.
Categorize your tweets using hashtags, which organize topics of interest.

Then the article called Decisions, Decisions – Three Different Paths To Publication which follows 3 women on their path to publication. Michele Toth’s path got me thinking – here is a graduate of Harvard Business School who has gone the Indie route - so why shouldn’t I?

I was in the middle of researching this when I received a request for a full from an on-line publisher of romances – but I’m not holding my breath – while the manuscript has been sent I’m continuing my research so I’ll be ready to go if it’s a no.

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