Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If,because of anxiety and self-doubt,you procrastinate and only think about working,you'll feel more exhausted than if you'd created for hours-Maisel

more DC Adventures...

Friday - 7/17
According to Yolanda's DC friends I'm official DC-er as I was trapped in the Metro doors and the guard had to call in to get the door to re-open. Yikes! I've could've lived w/o that.
Go to the hotel and was estatic to find out they sell ice coffee as the Starbucks by our hotel had a line that I've never seen before.
Went to:
Buy This Book - an interactive workshop simulating an editorial board meeting - various editors
this was a great in exercise in how the process works - a definite must
each played an assign role: Publisher / Director of Marketing / Director of Special Sales / Director of Publicity / Chain Rep / Director of Subright / Editorial Director or Editor -in-Chief/ Editor. Each asks questions of the editor who is pitching a book.
Awards Lunch w/ Eloise James - an emotional speech - the lesson she got across was - when she learned to put gut-wrenching emotion into her book is when she started to sell
Fire In Fiction - Donald Maas - (my agent appointment got switched to Saturday so I was able to stay for the whole workshop)
OMG - I LOVED THIS WORKSHOP! Will write a seperate post on it.
12 Stages of the Writer's Adventure: Write from the Inside Out - Beth Barney - a nice workshop that compared the writer's journey to the hero's journey
During the day was able to hit various book signings for various books - can' wait to read them!
Headed out to meet Yolanda's friend at the Capital City Brewing Company and then we went on the moonlight tour of the monuments then back to the hotel for much needed sleep.
Saturday - 7/18 (also my birthday)
Last ride to the hotel on the Metro - ( Thank God - like I said I'm a country girl)
Agent Pitch at 9:20 - went great, the agent was super nice and not just because she requested all 3 of my projects!
Ice Coffee....
Chilled out for awhile - so exhausted not even ice coffee could fix
until Boot Camp for Writers w/ the Hudson Valley's own Jenna Kernan which was a great beginner overview. Though the examples of passive vs. active voice is always a good refresher.
At the Sourcebook's signing I met Marie Force whose teenage daughter was celebrating her birthday so Marie took a picture of us together - very cute
headed for home at 4:03

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