Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I only use my sick days for hang-overs and soap opera weddings. - Kate O'Brien

O dear me, I'm hooked on a Korean soap opera called The Road Home. It's fasinating!

This is the synopsis from

Family is the ultimate hope and the fortress that keeps us up.
"The Road Home" talks about families of nowadays; the disbanded family relationships of the current time. People often say "I am happy for my family", but we no longer find much meaning from these words, as we did in the past. Even though many families are now separated into nuclear families, "family" has its root in the large family structure. This drama is about a journey; the journey of a nuclear family changing back to a large family. While talking about families of these days, "The Road Home" also questions about the true meaning of happiness.

My favorite story line is the young twenty something Korean female dating a Japanese male model. The parent do not approve because he is a foreigner and model who kisses girls in videos. Oh the DRAMA! I LOVE IT!!!!
My guilty pleasure of the summer. But then again it's a good study of facial expressions and emotions shown through acting since even though there are English subtitles, the actors actions are helping you interpret. Very helpful for a writer. So, I'm studying for my craft.
Oh yeah, I can make an arguement for anything.
How about you? Any guilty pleasures?

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