Sunday, October 4, 2009

"I have what I need," he said surveying his messy shelves, "Why bother chasing more?" Albert Lewis (Reb) from Mitch Albom's Have a Little Faith

Mitch Albom has done it again. Made me cry.
In his new book Have a Little Faith - a True Story, Albom is asked by his Rabbi to give his eulogy and so begins 8 years of meetings with the Rabbi to learn more about him and about faith. At the same time Albom is meeting with a Detroit pastor who has a sorid past.

It's a book about faith and about connection. And it made me cry.
Buy it, Read it, Love it.

So it got me thinking What books have made you a little teary eyed?
If you can't think of one - how about a movie?


  1. I LOVED Have a Little Faith! Just finished it this weekend. I'm from Detroit and a big fan of Mitch Albom's. I don't know if you've seen them, but he has videos posted on the site from his book release party. One features Henry Covington (the pastor from the book) singing a song he wrote with a choir. Talk about CRYING!!! Good luck trying to get through that one without shedding a tear!

    Anyway, the videos are here:

    You'll love it!

  2. This book is really a good read. Beyond the story and the characters (which in true Albom style, are perfectly painted), the message is really deep. It's a book that will stay with you for quite awhile. You'll want to highlight parts and dog-ear pages like I did. It's found a home next to my other perennial favorites like THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, THE ART OF HAPPINESS and THE GAME OF LIFE.