Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take away love and our earth is a tomb. ~Robert Browning

Tonight, I'm finishing up the first love scene of Love By Design. As if the cosmos knew my RWR magazine arrived - inside was an article regarding love scenes. It reminds me not to forget the emotional impact the lovemaking has on my heroine/hero. To use all 5 senses.

It's not all about the physical - otherwise it would be just a sex scene. Though my heroine/hero are not in love yet (they just meant two days ago), the scene will begin to awaken and stir their hearts.

I'll be watching LOST tonight - strictly for research purposes since Sawyer (Josh Hollway) is the inspiration of my hero, Russ - though Russ is from Australia - which means I'll have to drink some Aussie Merlot - you know for research...


  1. OMG , he's gorgeous! How am I supposed to concentrate on your writing with Sawyer looking at me? That's right, me!

  2. Was always more partial to Jack...until he got so ... weird. Not as weird as Locke, but still.

    But, hot damn! Have to Sawyer looks GOOD.

    Are you watching Caprica, Liz? I think it may be my new Lost. Not yet. But eventually.

    Can't wait to hear the love scene.

    -- Terri

  3. I can't follow LOST but that is a good reason too!