Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What does your favorite superwoman say about you?

Yes - it time for another Woman's World Personality quiz!

The fictional heroine you admire most is a real reflection of our own super qualities....so who is my favorite superwoman?

Wonder Woman - duh
That means I am an exuberant charmer - I know that femininity is a strength. A talented multi-tasker I identify with her roles as hero and working woman.

Here are some others

Bionic Woman - you're a resilient self-starter
Nikita - you're a alpha nurturer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - you're a perceptive wit
Xena - you're a wise idealist
Sydney (from Alias) - you're a resourceful smarty

Of course one has to wonder why Batgirl (my second favorite) is not on the list.... So who is your favorite?


  1. Boy, am I in trouble. I always loved Catwoman and she is a villain!

  2. I loved Catwoman too - there are not many female super villains to chose from...

  3. I picked Wonder Woman too but I do like Xena too.

  4. I feel like the Bionic Woman most days since I have a few bionic parts.

  5. FB had a week where you were to replace your profile pic with your favorite cartoon charater - I did pick Wonder Woman!