Friday, April 8, 2011

A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read - The Talmud

The stuff dreams are made of...

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it stuck with you, made you think, even helped make a decision? I did a few days ago. Before I had gone to bed I had 2 files up on my computer - the young adult and the women's fiction I've been working on - I was fiddling around with both - still not sure which one I wanted to work on, I ended up not working at all - then I went to bed.....

and had many strange dreams - flittering from one image to another as dreams often do - BUT it ended in a scene that was so peaceful and grounded in reality- here is what happen...

I'm sitting at a picnic table - the light is soft and there is a nip in the air - I'm painting a close up of a white rose with Beyonce (yes Beyonce) and w/o looking at me she says, "What's the matter, Liz? You haven't been yourself." I say, "I feel out of sorts." She looks at me and says, "Well get yourself sorted out." We simply went back to painting... and I woke up

And knew I had to work on the women's fiction. Why? Because visions of the Virgin Mary will play a large part in the book.

Further investigations on dream interpretations prove me right.

A white rose could mean: spiritual love and purity / holy or cosmic love / a new beginning / making peace w/someone
It is also the flower of the Virgin Mary

To dream about painting could mean: symbolizes your need to express your creative potential / points to a change or a need to change

Okay so you might be wondering why Beyonce? So was I - I like her but I'm not a huge fan and she hasn't been in the news lately - no new album - so why her? I looked up what the name Beyonce means and.... drum roll please....

...she who is beyond all others .... sounds a lot like the Virgin Mary to me!

I hope I have more dreams like this!
So one more quote about dreams...
"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you." Marsha Norman


  1. Interesting post and interesting dream. The only ones I've ever had have been prophetic about future events.

  2. Great post, Liz! Sometimes I wake from a dream that was so real I actually have to convince myself it wasn't! Good luck with the two stories you're working on!

  3. This is strange and interesting. I've definitely had those dreams; most often they're work-related. Often a blend characters from work and characters from personal life. And the ones that seem to stay with me have an element of unease -- even terror -- about them!
    Try Freud's Interpretation of Dreams sometime!
    (Disappointed you're not at Six Sentence Sunday this week! I always look forward to six bits!)

  4. thanks for stopping by

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