Friday, May 27, 2011

Act 2 - SHAKESPEARE and the Verbal Art of Seduction

More from Shakespeare and the Verbal Art of Seduction by Wayne Hill and Cynthia Ottchen and these are listed under the section of Icebreaking.

(and yes that is Keanu Reeves as Hamlet - don't laugh he is a great lover of Shakespeare and I found this regarding his performance -"His performance in the title role in a Manitoba Theatre Centre production of Hamlet was praised by Roger Lewis, the Sunday Times, who declared Reeves " of the top three Hamlets I have seen, for a simple reason: he is Hamlet."
But enough about Keanu - well there can never be enough....anyway...

From Hamlet:

1.How do you, pretty lady?

2.I have words to speak in thine ear.

From: Love's Labour's Lost:

3. Vouchsafe to show the sunshine of your face,
That we, like savages, may worship it.

4. White-handed mistress, one sweet word with thee.

From:Measure For Measure

5. Your bum is the greatest thing about you.

From A Midsummer Night's Dream:

6. What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?

From Much Ado About Nothing:

7. In mine eye {you} are the sweetest lady that ever I looked on.

8. Come, bid me do anything for thee.

From Othello:

9. {You're} a most fresh and delicate creature.

10. {Thou} are so lovely fair and smell'st so sweet
That the senses aches at thee

Made it up to page 13! Lots still to go. Which of these ten are your favorite?

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