Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 08/28/11

from Love By Design... release date - the end of October - but here is the book cover!!!! Please no licking your screen :))

With the cameras rolling, Russ eyed the sewing machine skeptically while rubbing the stubble on his chin. “I don’t know Victoria.”
“Just think of it as just another power tool.”
“A power tool?”
“Yes, like that jiggy thing.” She waved her hand toward Wood Working World.
“You mean the jig saw?”
“Yes, except instead of cutting up something, you stitch two pieces of fabric together.”
“It’s still sewing. Not that I’m sexist or anything.”
“Of course not, who would think that?” Victoria rolled her eyes for the camera.
He guessed he deserved that. But men didn’t sew; it’s simply not in the male genetic code


  1. You captured the personalities beautifully.Great six!

  2. Ooo, I LOVE that cover! And that six is very fun!

  3. Haha! Love the snippet I can't wait to read this story!!

  4. Covers just don't get any better than this!!! Love the six.

  5. You nailed it, Liz. Super six.

  6. Great (more than) six! Fab cover!

  7. @Dee I know - couldn't help myself

  8. I love her attitude. What do you mean, no licking the screen? You're no fun. :)

  9. Fantastic Personalities! I love this six!!

  10. haha! I know for a fact it depends on what they're sewing! They can stitch together car covers for days!! Great dialogue!

  11. My dad & hubby might protest that sewing comment, since they learned how to stitch things up in the military....but actually cutting out patterns, pinning them together, and making something, not so much. Then again, I'd run away from a jigsaw for sure.

    This six was fun and engaging to read.

  12. @Christa - yeah my son can actually sew if he had to - thanks to mandatory Home Ec in the 8th grade - but only if he really, really had to :)