Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation...Part 1

Remember those dreaded compositions you had to do at the beginning of each school year? Wouldn't it have been cool just to hand in your Facebook page with all your status updates? This is what my report would have look like....

8/12 1 more day of work until 7 days of beach bumming

8/13 Is not to be trusted with chocolate...disregard this at your own peril
8/13 some tv guy just ask me if I was a fan of Jersey-lious. Like no
8/13 Is sitting on the beach with my Kindle reading The Tantric Principle by Jennifer Probst
8/13 Only in orange lit up palm tree

8/14 It may be raining but I am still happy...reading State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
8/14 omg...if u r ever in pt pleasant on a Sunday you MUST go see the Flying Mueller Brothers at Jenkins from 2-4. and guess who is here enjoying the band? Capt. Sulley - the guy who landed the plane in Hudson River

8/15 Oceanside at the blessing of the waters for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Cool.
8/15 The sun came out!

8/16 Will be starting Robopocalypse by Daniel H Wilson. I love being on vacation...
8/16 The only tough decision I have to make today is....funnel cake or ice cream...
8/16 ‎2 lifeguards wrestling in the sand :) :)

8/17 ‎"so I said Dude she doesn't like you, you're a midget..." (overheard conversation between 2 lifeguards jogging by)

8/18 reading Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day on the beach
8/18 " blood is worthless. But I would spill it for you." halfway thru reading Pride and good!!!

8/18 Is reading The Next Queen of Heaven by Gregory Maguire

8/19 Just inspired by the lifeguard jogging by on the and showing a bit of butt...instead of the Coopertone baby they should have the Coopertone lifeguard - I should be in
8/19 Nothing but blue skies...

8/20 Vacation was wonderful but miss my husband and my son so its all good to be going home. :)
8/20 Afraid of vacation withdrawals symptoms so I stopped at the Twin Cone on the way home to have what became my daily 3:00 pm ic fix
8/20 My husband gave me a dozen roses as a welcome home gift..gee and all I got him was a chocolate covered pretzel with sprinkles...

Other stuff happened but that's why the above is Part 1


  1. What a great vacation! I forgot about Sully.

  2. I love this!! Felt like I was right there and am waiting for part 2. And I Love that you were reading the Tantric Principle on the beach!!

  3. @Jennifer - it was the PERFECT beach read.