Sunday, March 11, 2012

Favorite Movie Couples

I read Woman's World magazine each week. Oh, I tell myself I don't have the time but then there is always an article that catches my eye as I walk by the magazine racks at the supermarket. Like - What special beer cures insomnia or lose 16lbs this week but then they have a yummy cake recipe made with Baileys further along in the issue. Yeah, I'm more likely to gain 16 pounds. Still, I love the magazine.

In an issue from February they had a personality insight quiz - What does you favorite movie couple say about you?

If you love
Edward and Bella ( Twilight ) - You're an imaginative artiste.
Rhett and Scarlett  ( Gone with the Wind) You're a persistent optimist
Jack and Rose ( Titanic ) You're a dynamic romantic.
Margaret and Andrew ( The Proposal ) You're a passionate label-defier.
Sally and Harry ( When Harry Met Sally ) You're a down-to earth brainiac
Noah and Allie ( The Notebook ) You're a loyal go-getter

Who is your movie couple? Mine is Rhett and Scarlett.


  1. For me it's none of the above. Mine tend to Lord of the Rings and the elf maiden and the warrior, or to Pride and Prejudice. Darcy and Elizabeth.

  2. Mine is also Rhett and Scarlett. Is it genetic? I really think Bella should be with the werewolf guy, and Rose maybe could"ve maybe made room for Jack on that raft.

  3. Hi Marianne. It must be because I also believe Bella belongs with the wolf. And agree that Rose should've gotten into the lifeboat when she had the chance and Jack would have been better off - only having to save himself