Sunday, May 6, 2012

Living the dream, baby, just living the dream...

 My second eBook/Nook signing was held at the same location - Barnes and Noble at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY with members of the Hudson Valley Romance Writers of America. I met some lovely readers (more on that later).

At the first Nook signing all the members were signing at one time - about ten of us. We were located in a section off to the side. After a slow start we had a nice flow of traffic. The management at B&N were impressed enough to invite us back, but this time they extended the time and we did rotating shifts in smaller groups. We were placed in a heavy traffic area - right in front of the steps to the Starbucks Cafe.

My time slot was 1:00 to 3:00. I partnered up with the fabulous Charmaine Gordon. Traffic was slow for the first 45 minutes but then it picked up.

My favorites of the day:

I met a romance reader that reads over 200 books a year and said what is music to every writer's ears - "I'm going to tell all my friends about your books!" Better yet she is part of a book club and when I offered to do a Q&A she was thrilled so I pointed out my email address on the rack cards and told her to contact me if they are interested. I hope they are!

It pays to be nice to the non-romance readers who stop by your table to chat. For instance, a retired fashion photographer stopped by to discuss the book HE was writing. As a former actress, Charmaine Gordon, asked him about the casting couch and he said the photographers didn't need a couch - that the models vied for dates in hopes of being selected - ( he was very honest ) and he had his pick. Well, I'm writing a romance between a supermodel and football player - and lightbulb moment - I know where my story is going!

It's all about connecting with people and learning about them whether they are your target audience or not.

Over the speaker they announced our presence and I did my best beauty pageant wave. People laughed. The management of B&N wants to have us back AND next time stock our print books for the signing!

And, yes, I had to direct a nice gentlemen who wanted a Spanish-English Bible to the information desk. I escaped having to give directions to the bathroom.  Ah, the life of a romance author...


  1. Kristen BogardusMay 6, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    That sounds awsome!!!! Glad it went well and so sorry I ran late! I would love to meet you at the next one! happy you had a good so!!

  2. I'm so sorry I wasn't available to join in. Sounds like you had another great signing. (And Charmaine is a hoot!!!)

  3. I had not heard of Nook book signings before but I'm glad they have them. Sounds like great fun.

  4. Liz, And there was the contact I made, too with the woman from Kingston. Sure hope we can do more of these. I sure pushed with the lady for the print books.

  5. @Suzanne Yes, it was fun event and also good for our chapter as a whole!

    @Janet Lisa mentioned to us that they might include the print books next time. And the Kingston FM sounds like a fun day.

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