Friday, June 22, 2012

Love By Design - Magic Mike - Part 1

Magic Mike will be in theaters June 29. I think it's about male strippers? Right?  (lol)  Are you going to see it? I think I have to - you know - for research. The things I do for my craft.

I thought I'd share a snippet from Love By Design since Russ moonlights as a stripper for the Thunder Down Under Male Revue.


Riley high fived him as he came off. The MC began Russ’s introduction, “Ladies, the next man has the right tool for the job.”  
     The music queued. Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” blared out. Russ hit the stage, flipping the screwdriver like it was a six-shooter before holstering it in his tool belt. The sound of the women was deafening and the beat of the music was hard to discern for a moment. He slowly danced his way over to Victoria’s spot. Russ slipped off his flannel shirt inch by inch to the words wishing Victoria was taking off her clothes along with him.
     Stop thinking about her. Concentrate on the performance. The spotlight followed him as he approached the VIP seating and he got an up-close look at the disguised Victoria. While she was smoking as a blonde, he disliked the violet colored contacts that hid her soul. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Feeling. She wasn’t screaming and hooting like the rest of the women. Did she like it? Or did she want to run out of the place? He wasn’t about to bring anyone else up. Russ was too smart to do that.
     He grabbed a strategically placed chair and put it on the stage. Reaching his hand out to her, he motioned with the other for her to jump up. Her eyes widen and adamantly shook her head no, but Ava was already pushing her up.
     The contact of her hand in his sent a jolt through him. He desperately wanted to escape the theater to be alone with her. Instead they were going to be exhibitionists, touching and caressing each other in front of an audience. In turned him on knowing he was going to go home with her, while everyone else thought they were strangers acting out a part. 
     Russ sat her down and put her hand directly onto his abs, gyrating hips as the song continued. With brows furrowed in concentration and a slight tug of her bottom lip with her teeth, Victoria explored his abs like an archaeologist unearthing a newly uncovered statue. Thank God the thong was so tight it kept his erection from being too obvious. He hoped he could still say that when his pants came off.
     He smiled when she didn’t seem to know what to do next. Usually by this time the selected woman would’ve groped every part of his body, unbuckling his tool belt and letting it drop to the floor in a thud. So he went through the process himself, taking her hands along his body, then he undid the belt and held the two ends with his hands and grinded to the beat of the music. Her touch unleashed feelings in him that he did not recognize.
     He wished her hands would explore lower. No wait. Bad, bad, idea. The thong could only hold so much back. He laughed as his gaze met hers. He saw lust, yes, but there was also a hint of confusion.  
     Did she think he picked her at random? That he was doing this to some unknown female? Perhaps thinking about those other woman he had? But what she couldn’t know was none of those other women mattered. Just her. He wanted her to enjoy the moment. Maybe it was time to let her know he recognized her. He bent down close to her ear. Felt rather than heard the catch of her breath.
     “I’d know you anywhere, cupcake.”  

Maybe, next week I'll share a little bit of Victoria's POV...  


  1. Heh. When I heard of this movie, I immediately thought of Russ.

    And MM? Yes. Indeed. Accent like molasses buttah. If there is such a thang.