Sunday, July 1, 2012

Love By Design - Magic Mike Part 2

Have you see Magic Mike yet? I haven't - not yet. My hero from Love By Design moonlights as a stripper. Last week I shared an excerpt from his point of view and this week as promised here is a short excerpt for Victoria's point of view the heroine of Love By Design.

     The crowd squealed. Victoria’s mouth dropped open. What kind of miraculous material held back what she knew lay behind the thong? It defied the Law of Physics. A definite marvel of textile technology. Too bad someone went crazy with a be-dazzler because his package didn’t need any embellishment. Her fingers itched to touch but that was probably off limits. Would a bouncer come drag her off stage if she did? What if THAT made the papers? Victoria could hold off for an hour or two. Then they’d be alone and she could touch anywhere she wanted. Eat your hearts out, ladies. A smile appeared on her face and she lifted her head as her hand drifted to rest on his chest. His heart beat erratically underneath her palm. Funny, she was sure her heart had stopped. Had she even taken a breath?

If you want to read Love By Design by Liz Matis it's available in all eBook formats for only 3.49 and the paperback is 11.99. 

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