Monday, August 6, 2012

Fitness not famine - Supermodel Hannah Hahn

  Fitness not famine is Supermodel Hannah Hahn’s motto but she is just as insecure about her body as I am.

What? Are you kidding?

No – hear me out. When I was doing research for my supermodel heroine in Going For It I came upon an interesting fact – models ARE insecure and have body image issues!

I know I rolled my eyes too – BUT – then I thought about my body issues. Why when someone says – “Wow, you look great. Did you lose weight?” and I in return say, “Ugg, I gained 5 pounds.” or “Ugg, I still need to lose 25 pounds.”

Why do I do this? Why can’t I accept a compliment?

So I knew I had to make body image one of Hannah’s conflicts.  Can I make you feel bad for a supermodel? Well, one reader said, “You’ll want to cry when Hannah’s past with her mother is revealed.”

Here is a short excerpt of football player Jake Miller questioning Hannah’s diet.

Pulling on his briefs, then his pants, he escaped to the kitchen where another smell—an unpleasant one invaded his senses.
A grumpy Hannah looked up from a plate of steamed asparagus.
“What the hell?”

“Breakfast of Supermodels. Yum. Yum.” The grimace on her face as she took a bite said it all. “I made you coffee. I’d make you some eggs but I’m afraid I might eat them.” Waving a floppy spear of asparagus in the air she said, “This is all I can eat today. Gets rid of swelly belly.”

“Your belly is sexy.”

“The camera doesn’t think so.”
“You don’t take any pills?” He turned to pour a cup of coffee so she wouldn’t see the concern that he knew was etched on his face.
“No! I just get, get…”
“Bitchy,” he risked. Turning back he caught the narrowing of Hannah’s eyes.
 “I was going to say cranky.”
Jake threw back his head and laughed.
Hannah took another bite and made a yucky face.
He should keep his mouth shut. They were getting along, laughing together, having mind blowing sex and besides it was none of his business how she ran her life. But he worried about her so he was making it his business. He took the seat across from her.              “That’s not healthy.”
“Asparagus is very healthy.”
“You know what I mean. The dieting. You’re starving yourself.”
“Oh, and you keep those 8 pack abs by drinking beer and eating donuts?”
“Food is fuel for the body. When you look at it like that it’s easy to make the right choices.”
“I’ve been making my own choices all by myself for a long time. Besides, I believe in fitness not famine.”
Hannah’s bitchy tone didn’t fool Jake because the pained look in her eyes did not escape his notice. “For how long?”
“Since I was sixteen.”
“What?” Jake nearly shouted. The thought of her so young and alone triggered every protective instinct within him. He calmed and in a gentler tone asked, “Where were your parents?”
“Look, you can just Google it. I’m sure all the sordid details are still there.”
“I’d rather hear it from you.”
The doorbell rang. “That must be my yoga instructor. Can you answer the door so I can get ready?”
“Sure, but this talk isn’t over.”

Tell me what body issues do you have?

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