Monday, September 22, 2008


Begin at the beginning and go on til you come to the end; then stop. - Lewis Carrol - Alice in Wonderland.

Sounds so simple doesn't? If only... Playing For Keeps took me two years to complete and I am determine to cut that time by at least half. Of course, with PFK I had a lot of stops, starts, sprints, and one long hiatus. This time, I vow to spend at least one hour a day writing and 3 hours each Saturday and Sunday. I'm not going to worry about my word count because that will come as I get into a writing groove, but I do hope to have fifty pages completed of Love By Design by the NJRWA conference at the end of October.

SO, I'm checking my e-mail, then getting an hour in before Dancing with the Stars starts.


  1. Good luck!
    Nice blog and I would like to stop by again?
    I have read through your archives and just wondering about one of your favourite subjects "finance" in terms of what the lehman brothers bang really means? Is it really a shift in paradigm and the beginning of something new??

  2. We caught the last half of Dancing with the Stars last night. An interesting group this season.

  3. To everyone..
    Thanks for the good luck wishes.

    To red eyes:
    I'm staying in the market and staying calm. Truthfully, more concern with Frannie Mae/Mack - was hoping it would lead to the gov't not forcing bad loans (in the name of allowing those who can't afford a house get one) on banks but it doesn't look good.