Saturday, April 4, 2009

American Idol Favorite

I've watched American Idol since season one and it's one of my favorite shows.

This season, Adam Lambert is by far by my favorite singer. Then - Danny, Alison, and Lil Rounds.

Besides his killer voice, Adam is never boring and like Kara said I can't wait to see what he does each week. This week's theme is songs from your birth year. Love this theme because we usually get to see their baby pictures. So I looked up the top songs from Adam's birth year, which I believe is 1982 (I was in college - sighhhhhhh). Based on the list I predict (hope) he will sing one of these songs....

1) Crimson and Clover - Joan Jett (remake of the tommy james classic)

2) Hurts So Good - John Cougar (might be to risque for AI)

3) Hot In the City - Billy Idol (though I doubt they would be able to get the rights)

4) Tainted Love - Soft Cell

So who is your favorite this year? Oh - and by the way 80's music rocks!

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  1. 80's music definitely rocks - though when I said this in a classroom the other day, one of my students said, "Well yeah, 'cause you're FROM the 80's."

    Yeah? And proud of it, baby! (I did not say that, in so many words, though)