Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"With thee, Phoebus, will I begin and record the famous deeds of those men of old time...

who, at the bidding of King Pelias, rowed the good ship Argo past the mouth of the Euxine and through the rocks Cyanean to fetch the golden fleece." So begins Argonautica (better know as Jason and the Golden Fleece) by Apollonius Rhodius. As a little girl, fell in love the movie made in 1963. Picked up this copy for $15.00 at a used book fair. Not that I can read ancient Greek but the left side of the book has the Greek version and on the opposite page is the translation. It's a beautifully made book and it's one of my 'prized' possessions.

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  1. Awesome find! I love that movie too,especially the fighting skeletons. Great special effects for its time.