Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"To My Mother Of Whose Authentic Gray Hairs Not a Few Were Caused By Myself" Isaac Asimov Foundation Dedication page

I always find it interesting to read the author's dedication page. Asimov's is so sweet. Anyway, I found these again, as I find many of my cool discoveries, from a library book sale. I've been a sci-fi fan as long as I can remember. Blame this one on my father as we watch the first Star Trek faithfully and had various philosophical discussions that revolved around the episodes. I really believe that 'every I needed to know I learned by watching Star Trek'. Back to Asimov...

One a my favorite dialogue quotes from Pebbles In The Sky is "Does Earth look as if it's boss of anything?"
From Foundation here is a great, but quick characterization of a minor character - It was a tall man that eventually entered, a man whose face seemed all vertical lines and so thin that one could wonder whether there was room for a smile -
So, who did Asimov dedicate Pebbles In The Sky? To My Father, Who First Introduced Me To Science Fiction.


  1. Liz...thanks for the great Asimov quotes. I also remember a short description of a man in one of Asimov's "Lucky Starr" novels: "He was not tall and he was not thin."

    By the way...those look like really nicely bound books. I envy you.


  2. Thanks Alan. It was a lucky find. Don't find as many as I used to.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Nicely written. I also like Science Fiction. Senior year , I had mostly study halls. I spent them in the library reading Asimov and Bradbury and others. What ever happened to the sci fi story you wrote?