Thursday, April 8, 2010

She loved her characters "like a cat loves a bird". - Muriel Spark

(coverart by Gabriel Ayuso)

I've been a subsriber to The New Yorker magazine for a few weeks now after getting a deal of 52 weeks at $12.00. Can't beat that - appealed to the accounting side of my brain. And this magazine appeals to my creative side. Poetry, fiction, and articles of all types of subjects.

In the April 5 issue there was an article by Thomas Mallon about author Muriel Spark. Now I never read anything by the deceased Sparks but I just might have to.
Here are some things that caught my attention in the article.

"I haven't got a message to give to the world, it's the world that gives me messages."

The heroine in her novel The Comforters is trying to write a novel - she has begun to hear voices and the tapping of a typewriter in her head. She's not sure whether she's an author or a character -

"She (Sparks)could rarely trust or keep friends because other people needed to be as manipulable as her literary characters"

Thank you Thomas Mallon for a wonderful article!

There was also a wonderful short story by Janet Frame titled Gavin Highly
Here is short excerpt that I read over and over again...
"I told you that, and they are worth a few pounds, no more. The value is inside you, and I'm afraid you cannot take that down to the auction rooms and call bids upon it. Love does not go under the hammer, ever. But I must be going."

And if you had any doubts about what women vs. men think about (or not)...


  1. I've never read the New Yorker. Maybe I should. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG. That is a great price! I need to check it out. I miss it. I used to read it all the time.

  3. Somehow, in the midst of the quotes from the deceased or almost dead actresses, I missed this. From time to time, I enter the cartoon caption contests. Haven't won a subscription yet.