Sunday, February 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 2/13/11

Again from Playing For Keeps. In this scene Samantha had the paper print an article about Ryan written by Jenny, a 12 year-old cancer patient that Ryan visits regularly. He's just read it - originally he told Samantha he did not want any publicity but she got around it by having Jenny writing it. So here Samantha has just asked him if he's mad ----

“You’re like a superhero to her.”
“Naw, if I was really a superhero I’d find a cure for Jenny’s cancer.”
“Not even Superman can do that.”
“Yeah, I know.”
His voice broke and she wished she were there to give him a hug. “Do you want me to come over?”
“Hell, yeah. I need to do something manly.”
Samantha told him she’d be right over, thinking he was the very essence of what a man should be.


  1. I just love Ryan's modesty. He's such a lovable character. :)

  2. And just what does he need to do that's manly? This is need to know, here.

  3. Ryan is an awesome hero. I love reading him!

  4. I do love the character of Ryan.. very, very much

  5. sweet and intriging show of Ryan.

  6. This is my first intro to these two but I want more. Great dialog.


  7. Thank you all so much. I love Ryan too and you know what I've notice doing these six sentence sundays? When I go back and do a re-write I'm going to try and make his heroine Samantha a little more worthy - otherwise I'm stealing him for myself!

  8. Delightful and touching. Good writing.

  9. That was both sexy and sad.

    Sad because of Jenny with her cancer, but sexy because he needs to do something "manly."