Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 09/25/11

six more from Love by Design...

“It’s not going to fit,” said Victoria in a moment of pure panic.
“Will so,” grunted Russ.
“It’s too big.”
“No such thing.”
“Cut,” yelled Stephen.
Victoria tore her gaze away from Russ’s flexing muscles as he tried to maneuver a fifty-two-inch television into a spot she had created for a fifty-one inch.

I will be at the Woodstock Film Festival today so I'll check in tonight with all my six sunday peeps! Be sure to check back later in the week for a post about my experience. (Last year I breathed the same air as Keanu Reeves - but I was to shy to go up and have him sign my program)


  1. Wow! That can so be taken the wrong way. LOL A great six!

  2. I so agree with Jessica ;) Nice work.

  3. haha! Great last sentence, gives a completely new meaning to the scene!

  4. LMAO Nice play on had me wondering for a mintue. Will she go there, won't she? And you did! HAHA nicely played.

  5. I agree with Jessica also. Way to funny

  6. I was thinking something totally different. Nice tease.

  7. LOL! You got me going there, right up to the "Cut!" What is it with men and giant TVs?