Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Liz Matis' latest PLAYING FOR KEEPS you will get a wildly sexy romance with depth and laughs. - Book Junkie

I've received the first review for Playing For Keeps from a book review website - called Book Junkie. I'm THRILLED beyond words - which is why I capitalized the word THRILLED.

Here is the review:

n Liz Matis' latest from Little Hondo Press, PLAYING FOR KEEPS you will get a wildly sexy romance with depth and laughs.

The need for change and a breath of fresh air is just what Sam Jameson needs in her life. As a journalist, just coming back from Iraq and a horrible experience she is looking hard for the next story, one that will take her mind of the trauma of what really happened in the middle east. Not to mention her PTSD, which she so happens to not be dealing too well with.

So what to do next. Well writing a few exposé's on a few rough and touch football players seem right up her ally. After all Sam is just one of the guys, and after Iraq she feels this is exactly what she needs.

In comes sexy football player Ryan, who just so happens to have been the star player in Sam's college girl fantasies. It doesn't help that he is now flirting with her and that really makes Sam out of sorts.

A really fun read, the personalities of each of the main characters really shine bright in this romance making you fall in love with them, flaws and all. After all I think that is what makes a story so great, is seeing that your beloved characters seem so real and human as you do.

With a strong supporting cast and a promised sequel this is a warm hearting and sexy romance that will surely heat up your cold winter nights.

A page turner, bring on the sequel.

Here is the website if you want to check out reviews for other books..

So that is my awesome news for the day.

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