Monday, December 5, 2011

Using celebrity inspiration to create your heroes....

When creating characters, especially my heroes, I find it helpful to select a celebrity who has the same look and attitude of the man I want to create. Sometimes it's a little like being Dr. Frankenstein. For instance Josh Holloway is the inspiration for Russ Rowland in Love By Design - looks are pretty much the same except I gave Russ 'outback sunset eyes' because he is an Aussie. His attitude is Sawyer from Lost, the character Josh Holloway played. When I was writing I would just picture him in my mind and his lines of dialogue would be right on the money - had me actually sighing in places - and giggling.

For creating my hero in Playing For Keeps, Ryan Terell, my main influence was Kevin Nash, a former WWE wrestler (even though Ryan is a football player). Totally arrogant on the outside, he fit the bill perfectly but on the inside? he is more like Dree Brees from the New Orleans Saints. Here is Kevin...

On Wednesday I'll post a picture of my celebrity inspiration for my current work in progress, Going For It. Meanwhile, if you're a writer - what's your process for creating your hero?
If you're a reader what celebrity would you like to see in a romance novel?

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  1. Josh Halloway works for me but I'm going to have fun thinking about who I would like to read about next. I'll get back to you.