Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tailgating - Road to the Superbowl - Day 1

Whether your having a Superbowl party or fortunate enough to tailgate at the game the easiest and most appreciated dish to serve is sweet and sour meatballs.

In a Crockpot mix together
jar of chili sauce
cup of grape jelly
cup of brown sugar
then throw in a package of frozen meatballs
set in on High for 3 hours or 6 hours on low

These go fast so you might want to double the recipe.

Here's a excerpt from Playing For Keeps by Liz Matis - my football meets romance romp. Available on all your eBook devices and in paperback.

     Pulling on his pants, he left the top button open because they were a little tight. He knew he’d pay for eating that burger. The socks came next and he bent forward slowly to reach his feet. Burner was right; Ryan was getting old. At this rate he’d need someone to put his socks on for him. He breathed in deeply and sucked up the pain. Football players stored hurts like a bear stored fat for the winter. Once the season was over, he’d hibernate and heal, just to do it all over again. Except each year it took a little longer to recover.

During the week I'l share another recipe or two or three along with an excerpt.


  1. Ah...the Christmas Eve meatballs. What kind of chili sauce do you use? And what is the ratio of chili sauce to grape jelly?

  2. I use the jar of Heinz chili sauce which you find near the ketchup and you use the whole jar of it. And a cup of the grape jelly. You can add more to suit your taste.

  3. Hi Liz. I came over here from WG2E where I saw one of your comments and realized we both write stories that have football in them and we are both accountants--though my book is a mystery and I'm a closet accountant who only gets to practice at tax time :-). I downloaded Playing For Keeps to my Kindle and look forward to reading it.

    This recipe sounds great. I've been looking for something a little outside the box (for me) to try at our Superbowl party. One can only eat so many pigs in a blanket.

  4. The recipe sounds so good! Thanks for sharing! Also, I love the football meets romance romp!

  5. Hi Trina: Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your books as well. The recipe is super easy.

  6. Hi Isabella: Thank you! I think we are Facebook friends!