Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tebow or Sanchez ? Who would you rather...

see as a hero in a sports romance novel?
TIM TEBOW                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                        There is much debate among New York Jet fans and the sports media about who should be playing quarterback for the New York Jets.

But as an author of two romances with football players I think the more pressing question is who would make the better romance hero - Tebow or Sanchez?

First I'll start with the stats:

                                               Tebow                     VS                               Sanchez

Height:                                    6'3"                                                               6'2"
Weight:                                   236                                                               225
Age:                                          25                                                                26
Highlights:                       Winner of Heisman Trophy                   Led USC to 12-1 record
                                          Winner of 2 NCAA National               Winner of the Rose Bowl
                                       Football Championships

Philanthrophy:                 Created the Tebow Foundation        Works with various charities

Rumored Past romances:  Camilla Belle and a dinner              The list is LONG but includes
                                           with Taylor Swift                    the younger VS model Kate Upton
                                                                                                 and the older Eva Longoria

Other:                    'Tebowing' - official word recognized         Fan of musical theater
                                 by the Global Language Monitor               While practicing his baseball
                          Looking for a girl who is sweet and kind    swing his father made him answer
                                      and has a servants heart                          ?'s on the periodic table

So we have the clean-cut, but good-looking Tim Tebow - muscular and is perhaps the better athlete against the sexy and handsome Mark Sanchez - leaner and is perhaps the better quarterback.

I'm using their backgrounds I'm doing a what if??????

AGAIN this is a conjecture I'm my part --- where the fiction starts...

Religion is a big part of Tim Tebow's life. He's a little to clean cut for some ladies - a little to good to be true, but I could give him a heroine with a past that he has to come to terms with, leading the heroine to think he's self-righteous. OR perhaps he meets a woman who is nothing like what he thought he wanted and tempts him.

hmmm...could be a interesting story...

But what about Sanchez? The typical playboy quarterback has been done before BUT who doesn't like to bring that man down to his knees by a sassy heroine who he can't live with out. Maybe dig deeper into the playboy attitude - maybe because his father was so hard on him he is acting out now - doing as he pleases. Maybe I'll match him up with an older heroine to lead him back to maturity - maybe even a dominatrix.mm.

So tell me who makes the cut as a romance novel hero? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I think you should write two books, one for each!

  2. LOL! Eventually....but right now I'm working on a different type of sports romance hero - not a quarterback but another tight-end

  3. Hi Christine: He does have a nice smile!

  4. Great post! As a huge football fan, I'm familiar with both these men. I knew about Sanchez way before I really knew about Tebow...but then I saw a clip of him running in the rain - without his shirt - and I was hooked! He's just so handsome...

  5. Running in the rain without his shirt ? *swoon* THUD!