Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 5 - Discovering the Writer Within

Discovering the Writer Within by Ballenger & Lane. It’s a 40 day program to exercise your creativity and imagination. I’m giving a general feel for the assignment and a little bit of what I accomplished.

Day 5: Pick a room you remember from childhood. Picture it and list all the details you can remember for five minutes. Look at your list and pick one item that triggers more memories or filled with meaning. With that as your launch free write for seven minutes.

Here is a best of what I wrote:
Before Guitar Hero and even before the advent of Karaoke there was my stereo. In my room, with brush in hand, the music turned up as loud as my parents could bear, I became the star. Singing, dancing, and twirling about everything disappeared as I created my own world where I was awesome and cool. In reality I wasn’t cool and sadly I couldn’t sing.

I'm going to a holiday party Tuesday night so Day 6 will be posted on Wednesday.

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