Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Counsels of Cormac - translated by Thomas Cleary

In a management class in college we pledged to read at least one business book a year. Last year I read Gail Evans, Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman - great book which I blogged about last year. This year I wanted to try something different so I choose The Counsels of Cormac, The Ancient Irish Guide to Leadership. King Cormac ruled in third century C.E. and is sort of a manual of instructions for future generations of kings. So here is some of his sage advice...

Composure rather than wrath,
Patience rather than contention,
Geniality rather than arrogance.

Military action for just cause,
Justice w/o bloodshed,
Leniency within the integrity of the law

Glorifying the sacred,
Respecting poets,
Adoration of God.

If you are too smart, expectations will be imposed upon you;
If you are too stupid , you will be duped.

If you are too talktive, you will be inconsequential;
If you are too silent, you will be disregarded.

If you are too hard, you will be broken;
If you are too soft, you will be squashed.

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