Monday, June 29, 2009

Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried. - Thomas Jefferson

The love affair with my netbook is over. Yes, it's cute, but...but....urrrgggg...It's too small! I got a migrane from being hunched over the thing. And I have to keep scrolling to see the whole image - so annoying even for the simplest tasks as checking my e-mail.
I was hoping to use it for word processing - when I go to Borders or at work during lunch - but it only came with wordpad and the keypad is tiny. So frustrating.

So, I'll be on the market from a new laptop - but I'm waiting until new Windows 7 comes out. I always hated Vista. I've heard they are offering free upgrades with new computers but I've been thru that before....and don't want to go there again....never again. So I wait and keep using the netbook and my bulkly laptop.

But I'm not complaining...


  1. I'm fortunate to get a new laptop every two years at work that I sort of use for myself when I'm not at work. It doesn't sound like the netbook is very useful at all. I wouldn't like having a keyboard that wasn't full sized.

  2. NO! I LOVE the NEO but need to hand back the laptop I'm using at some point ... and wanted well, Internet access ... I guess no netbook