Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"...on such an evening you can even sense the fragrance of the moon" -Songs from the Kanginshu

Simmering Away-Songs from the Kanginshu Translated by Moriguchi and Jenkins. Been reading poetry lately and I picked up this collection of Japanesse poetry from the 16th century. Here are my favorites (the form will probably not carry over but I'll try it...

We are apart
we are apart

love ends in an empty dream
just your memory shares my bed
only loneliness surrounds me

my tears flow
in soundless waves
streaming on my sleeves

will our rivers
ever meet again?

will our rivers
ever meet again?

what good is it
(I ask)
to be so sane?
our life time
is just a dream

why not
just get crazy?

My hair
that I had just tied up
has loosened
gently tumbling,
as my heart
has fallen for you

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