Friday, December 17, 2010

“A girl needs a backup plan in case Prince Charming stumbles.” Brenda Starr

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

It can’t be! After 7O years Brenda Starr, Reporter the comic strip will be no more. Not that I’ve read it since my teens but STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A testament to the times (1940) the creator Dale Messick submitted her work under a male first name (her first name is Dalia) otherwise editors wouldn't even look at her work never mind publish it.

Like the creator taking on the male world of comic strips, Brenda Starr took on the male dominant world of journalism (hell everything back then was male dominated). Starr had it all - glamorous, fab career, and men. Even for a young girl in the 1970's (things like Title 9 hadn't passed yet) she was larger than life.

And who could forget the mysterious Basil St John - tall, dark, handsome, romantic, wearing an eye patch - well now this totally explains my fascination with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

(Yeah, I definitely going red for my 48th birthday - lol)

Though her and Basil St John did not have a happily ever after (HEA). Why? In the words of Brenda Starr -

"Well, it WAS romantic until we got married."


  1. July 18, sis. We'll go red together!

  2. Liz. O was also a fann the days when I read the comics.

  3. Sigh. All the good ones are retiring!

  4. Used to LOVE Brenda Starr. Well, not so much Brenda as Basil St. John!

    Used to remember reading the Sunday funnies as a kid when stayed over at grandparents. (Best babysitters in the world!)Smell of coffee (which they wouldn't let me taste, except for a spoonful in a glass of milk) and fresh-squeezed oj (mom made the frozen stuff that plopped out of the can -- I don't even know if they sell those anymore!) and toasted bagels wafting all through the apartment.
    But I digress...