Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Just livin' our love song...."

Love songs can be like a mini romance novel. They can touch ours hearts. Leave us open to love.

It may be hard to believe that my favorite genre of music is rock and hard rock. We're taking AC/DC, Guns&Rose, Springsteen-and on and on.

But I'm a sucker for a good love song. So I plan to share some of my favorites in the coming weeks. I like this one because it happens 10 years after the 'happily ever after'.

But the singer really needs to lose the 'thing' underneath his chin.


  1. If we get a vote...

    I'll go with this.

    (Since it's kind of, ah, instrumental, to a scene I just wrote!)

  2. Nice song - and yeah, what is it with the little snippets of facial hair? Grow something real for crying out loud, or don't bother at all. If only they knew how silly they look!

    I have lots of songs that someday, I'd like to write a book for, just need to find the characters. One I go weak-kneed over is Brother Cane's "You're a Hard Act to Follow." I have a vague idea to go along with that, I keep hoping it will solidify.

  3. Fun post - I adore music - all kinds - and I would peg you for a rock n roll girl!
    BTW, great six sentence post. I have to get back into it!