Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Countdown Spotlight - Day 7 - The Sport of Romance - Jami Davenport

Seven days until The Sport of Romance releases! - You can pre-order it now for only 99cents! Yes, 10 books, 10 authors, 1 Hot Price! (Links below) 

Each day until release day, I'll be spotlighting a snippet from one of the books included!

Day 7: Crashing the Boards by Jami Davenport 
     The woman looped her arm through Cooper’s, catching him off guard. Ced’s grin
turned to confusion and his eyes narrowed. He always got the women over Cooper.  Always.
     “There you are, you bad boy. Shame on you for being late. You know I hate waiting.” She tapped his chest and smiled into his eyes. She was tall, but he was taller, and he wasn’t buying any of what she was selling. Not tonight. Not ever. 
Cooper frowned and narrowed his eyes. He didn’t like being touched unless it was his idea. “I don’t know you.”
     “You’re such a joker, isn’t he, Cedric?” She looked to Cedric for confirmation.
     Cooper’s best buddy opened his mouth to back him up, only no words were spoken. Instead, his confusion turned to an evil grin, revenge lighting up his pale blue eyes. “Seriously, Coop, You know how your princess gets when you play jokes on her.”
     “This isn’t a joke. I don’t know this woman,” Cooper ground out the words, his foul mood fouler.
     The rent-a-cop, identified as Carl by his name badge, stepped forward. “Mr. Black, I’ll have her removed. I can see she’s harassing you.”
     “Carl, I told you, he’s my boyfriend. He’s just a little upset at me for having my way with him and his credit card. Check your list again, I’m sure my name’s on it. Isabella.”
     “No need to check the list.” Cedric held out his arm. “Come on, Isabella, I’ll escort you inside if this asshole won’t.”

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