Monday, February 9, 2015

Countdown Spotlight - Day 8 - The Sport of Romance - Morgan Kearns

Ten days until The Sport of Romance releases! - You can pre-order it now for only 99cents! Yes, 10 books, 10 authors, 1 Hot Price! (Links below) 

Each day until release day, I'll be spotlighting a teaser snippet from one of the books included!

The Countdown continues with...

Day 8 - Out of Left Field by Morgan Kearns

Xavier leaned against the door jamb. That he leaned against his left shoulder didn’t escape her notice. He really was a good-looking guy with his dark hair still damp from the shower and the five o’clock shadow darkening his jaw line, offsetting his dark pink lips.  
She shifted in her seat and blinked away the lustful thoughts, staring him right in the eye. “You ready to admit you’re not fine?”
Laugh lines appeared next to his hazel eyes moments before his chuckle sounded. “I’m good, Doc. You don’t have to worry about me.”
She raised a brow. “Will you let me look at it?” 
He shook his head. “I didn’t come here to show off an injury that doesn’t exist.”
“Then why did you darken my door, Xavier? I’m a busy girl.”
His gaze roamed over her, scorching her from head to Crocs. “I’m sure you’re a very busy girl.”
Her throat tightened, her skin tingled, but she managed a believable scoff. “Oh, please. Don’t try that crap on me. I’ve seen how women fall for your lines.” She huffed and stood. Pressing her hands against the top of her desk, she leaned forward. “I’m worried you’re stupid enough to ignore an injury until it’s not easily fixed.”
“So you only care because you’re bein’ paid to.”
“That’s exactly what I thought.”
“Don’t get all butt hurt, X. I’m not your kinda woman anyway.”
At least he had the courtesy to look offended. “And what kinda woman would that be?”
She clutched her breasts through her scrubs and his eyes followed posthaste. “These are real.”

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