Friday, February 13, 2015

Countdown Spotlight - Day 4 - The Sport of Romance - with Cari Quinn

FOUR days until The Sport of Romance releases! - You can pre-order it now for only 99cents! Yes, 10 books, 10 authors, 1 Hot Price! (Links below)

Each day until release day, I'll be spotlighting a teaser snippet from one of the books included.

Day 4 - Shadowboxer by Cari Quin

I dragged her against my chest and tipped back her face with my thumb on her chin. I’d had enough of her amusement at my expense. “Open up.” I swept my tongue between her lips, silencing
her brief protest.
Then I was inside her, if only in this insignificant way. The cold night disappeared. Everything did but the warm mouth that parted eagerly beneath mine.
Her rumbling moan vibrated through me and made me lightheaded. Need spiked low in my belly, causing a surge of blood into my cock that demanded more than our testing brush of tongues. Forward, retreat. I wanted to rake my teeth over the fullness of her lips, but they were cut. I didn’t want to hurt her while I was giving her pleasure.
Unless she wanted me to.
Despite my hesitation, she didn’t hold anything back. She fisted her fingers in my shirt and pulled me down. And in. I was drowning in her taste, cinnamon and mint. The combination didn’t go together. I was used to girls tasting like fruit or candy. She was more tart than sweet. More hard than soft. Her body yielded in my arms, but her tongue only became more aggressive, almost daring me to keep up.
Why did that turn me on so damn much?
     She moaned again when I got rougher than I’d intended, and I immediately drew back. “Sorry,” I mumbled, fairly certain I’d never apologized after a kiss before. Her heavy lids lifted and she smoothed the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip. I couldn’t help the groan that escaped me. “Dammit, Mia, don’t do that when I’m trying to be honorable.”

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