Wednesday, October 13, 2010

“em, Hurley, when a girl asks you how they look you say "good" ok??” Libby from Lost

Next up in my Romances of Lost or Lost as a Romance Novel Series is....

Hurley and Libby’s relationship was classic Beauty and the Beast. Okay not classic as in the cliché tortured hero – disfigured by war or accident but still has a smoking hot body – but this hero is usually bitter and mean to everyone including the heroine until her love changes him.

Not so with Hurley who could never be confused with a male model – it’s his sweetness and innocence that warrants teddy bear status. Beastly but only in facial hair.

Libby sees the real Hurley and in the sideway worlds we see a touching scene of Libby kissing Hurley and he flashes back to the island and remembers…

If you haven’ seen Lost it’s complicated – hell if you’ve watched Lost it’s complicated.


  1. Oh my. I know these complicated people and I've never watched Lost. Though I appreciate the eye candy...