Tuesday, October 19, 2010

“If I can kick drugs, I can deliver a baby.” Charlie from Lost

Part 6 of 7 Romances of Lost or Lost is a Romance Novel.

Of course in typical male fashion he is no help in doing so.
Charlie is a minor rock start drug addict and Claire is the unwed pregnant girl who was going to give up the baby for adoption.

Apart they are a mess but together they are the sweetest couple. Lost main theme is redemption. Charlie’s redemption is in sacrificing his life to save the people on the island. As he is preparing to do so you see him flash to Claire and Aaron’s face as if to affirm his reasons for doing so.

But I chose the above scene because it is so beautiful. It happens in the ‘sideways’ where they are all finding each other and remembering their love on the island. Listen to the soundtrack. You feel the emotion radiating between them. It's a powerful moment.

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