Friday, October 15, 2010

"It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are." Juliet from Lost

Part 3 of the Romances of Lost or Lost is a Romance Novel

You’ve heard of a love triangle but what about a love quadrangle?

Sawyer and Kate? Sawyer or Juliet? Jack and Kate? Jack and Juliet?

Lost leaves you hanging until the end.

In the end it’s the bad boy who gets the good girl. And Sawyer is oh so bad…and I’ve based my hero in my work-in-slow-mo on him.

Yes, Sawyer and Juliet are soul mates but gee it took a lot of soul searching for them to get there.

In the real ‘island’ world Sawyer is a con man and Juliet a doctor. In the ‘sideways’ world he is cop (probably to atone for being a con man?) and they re-connect by a hospital vending machine.

Their kiss scene in a episode called LaFleur won the Best Kiss of Lost in a showdown on the ABC website. And as a former winner of the New England Romance Writers First Kiss Contest (shameless plug) I’m sharing the clip up above. It's very sweet.

One more thing – Sawyer had nicknames for everyone on the island
For example, Kate was Freckles and Juliet was Blondie
(my hero in Love By Design does the same thing)

So I just want to make it known that when I used the Sawyer Nickname Generator on the ABC website – Sawyer calls ME - Sunshine. Got it Juliet?


  1. I tried so many times to get a good nickname from Sawyer...the best I got was the first one, Cotton. Very jealous of yours ,Liz. I really like the Sawyer /Juliet match but really I think he is more of a match for Kate.But you, as a romance expert know best. Romance is still a mystery to me.

  2. Sawyer and Juliet are the best! they complement each other,they supported each other and their relationship was a mature and loving one! compared to Kate's initial back and forth, and fickle mindedness and indecisiveness between jack and sawyer,Juliet's stability and steadfast love for Sawyer both in words and in action,just totally pawns kate's "hot" yet dysfunctional relationship with sawyer during the early seasons! and for the fact sawyer and juliet are each other's happiness is totally great for me!

  3. I may have to get the DVDs ...I just thought Lost was about an island but I love triangles, quads, etc.

  4. @anonymous - yeah in the end I liked them together - they 'complete' each other - lol

    @marianne - kate and sawyer were just to much alike

    @yolanda - Thinking about getting the DVDs but will I really watch it again? I brought series dvd before and I never watch them

  5. Can't pass up another opportunity to replay the Sawyer Song!

    (But you do know Lost is over now, right?

  6. Yes, I know its over but this is my way of dealing with it - lol

  7. There is something about Sawyer that is undeniably sexy...